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A Visionary company in the automotive market with a team of architects and consultants with vast experience in the field. A leader in innovative solutions to help automakers and dealer networks.

The world and the market change more quickly than we think. The automotive industry is no different and we believe that the specialization of information, knowledge and technology is fundamental; focusing on the constant search for new solutions to maximize results and profits.

Always seeking customer satisfaction, VC Dealership Design Group acts as a specialized company that offers quality, innovation, creativity that dares to change paradigms.


In 2008, Brenno Cavinato and Flavio Vasques started Vasques and Cavinato Group as the first Brazilian company specialized in automotive design.

Since, the need to stay one step ahead of new trends in the automotive sector, made Vasques and Cavinato Group maintain strategic partnerships, expanding activities and gaining scale, making it one of the most important consultancy firms in the automotive market in Brazil.

Counting on a team with over then 30 years of experience and more than 3,000 projects carried out to date, the group operates in the following areas: automotive design, corporate design, design and communication, quality programs, consulting, advisory, audit, business strategy, training, construction and software solutions.

Today we serve in Brazil several customer brands such as Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Volvo Cars, Volvo Tucks, Peugeot, Chery, Ducati, Yamaha, Hyundai, Land Rover, Renault, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Fiat, Ford, GM, Mini, Smart, Lifan, Jac, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Citroen, Nissan, Kia, Ford Trucks, Daf, among others and dealers groups such as Group 1 Automotive, RLJ Mclarty Landers Automotive, Grupo Parvi, Grupo Sinal, Grupo Saga and Grupo Itavema.

Here are some cases of success:

In recent years, we have been an important company in the Brazilian automotive industry, looking for new challenges and continued growth. This has brought us to commence international operation with the openning of VC dealership design in 2016 based in Orlando/FL, as part of Vasques and Cavinato Group, with a strong infrastructure to meet any demands of the US market.

Through extensive industry experience, leadership, innovation and professionalism, we strive to make our customers' business more efficient, profitable and successful. Excellence in quality, customer satisfaction, partnership, added value and profitability of the business are some of the virtues of the Vasques and Cavinato Group.

We believe in working with the pioneering and enterprising spirit in all our actions, breaking new ground for excellent results and innovative solutions for our customers.


Be a reference in strategic planning between industry and their distribution network. To deliver effective and innovative methods to our customers with the best corporate standards, systems and service processes in order to create value and profitability.


Establish ourselves as a reference in the international market for corporate solutions, creating value for customers, shareholders and employees.


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Constant search for innovative and creative solutions
  • Ethics in personal relationships and corporate
  • Focus on Results
  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability


The Vasques and Cavinato Group employs 100 team members who work in a large network of collaboration and partnership.

We cultivate a collaborative space, team member improvement with continued education opportunities, training and technical expertise with ethics in personal and corporate relations. We are proud of what we do, always focusing on results and full satisfaction of our customers. Below is description of our main partners:

Brenno portrait

Brenno Cavinato

Born: 03/31/1973
Paulista Unniversity

BA in Architecture from Paulista University in 1996. Founded Cavinato Architecture in 2001 focusing on the corporate market with clients such as Apple, Dell, Warner Bros, among others. In 2008, along with the Flávio Vasques, began Vasques and Cavinato, an architectural consultancy firm focused on the automotive market. Beginning with new commerce brands in Brazil such as Chery, and to other expanding brands like Land Rover and Volvo Cars, today coordinates the commercial and administrative area of Vasques and Cavinato Group, with operations in Latin America and now United States.

Flávio portrait

Flávio Vasques

Born: 29/05/1967
Universidade Mackenzie

BA in Architecture from Machenzie University. Worked for 20 years in management positions for Ford and Peugeot. In 2008 he accepted the challenge posed by Brenno Cavinato to create Vasques e Cavinato Group. Today he manages he commercial and creative departments in the Group, constantly working with creativity and perseverance to change paradigms.

Mário portrait

Mário Smynniuk

Born: 04/12/1964
Business Administration and International Trade, MBA in Business Coach
São Judas and São Caetano do Sul Unniversity and Brazilian Institute of Coaching - IBC

Postgraduate degree in business administration in 1991. He has worked over 30 years in the automotive Industry for Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and FIAT occupying management positions in several areas: Foreign Trade, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Planning and Distribution until in 2015, when he joined Vasques and Cavinato Group. He served for 10 years as a professor in undergraduate and graduate lecturing on International Trade, Finance, Quality and Sales. In his career he excelled in leading high performance teams in strategic projects for the three automakers, for example; Professionalization of the Mercedes-Benz network in South American countries, Network Restructuring for Chrysler and Fiat in Brazil, Jeep Network expansion in Brazil.

Renan portrait

Renan Rupires

Born: 02/23/1987
Business Administrator and Lawyer
Getúlio Vargas College and Law School of São Bernardo do Campo

Graduated in law and Business Administration. Professional with extensive experience in the Automotive Industry/Network Development. Worked with Volkswagen and Chrysler where he executed an unprecedented network restructuring project in the Brazilian automotive industry. He was one of the people responsible for opening and restructuring more than 200 sales points in just over 1 year. His proactivity and commitment were essential characteristics for this challenging project.


VC Dealership Design Group acts in the following areas:

Automotive and Corporate Design

Automotive and Corporate Design

We are specialized in development, implementation, monitoring and consulting of dealership design projects, corporate environments, 3Ds, models, installations standards manuals, supplier homologation and approvals, production monitoring, customized graphic design, merchandising, clothing, landscaping, signage, furniture design, among other industry topics.

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Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Several software solutions, business intelligence, created for the industry and their distribution network that are looking for substantial improvement in productivity indicators, optimization of human resources, as well as a significant increase in quality of services provided.

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5401 S. Kirkman Rd ste 204
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+55 11 2893-1600

Fortaleza - BRA

Rua Gilberto Studart, 55 | 8º andar | Conj. 814
Fortaleza - CE | 60192-105
+55 85 3111-0570


Orlando - USA
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